35-45 Minute Massage

(35-45 Minutes It is a type of massage that affects certain regional muscle groups.)

19 €


(Tam gün 09:00-18:00 saatleri arasında toplantı salonu günlük kullanım ücreti:2500 TL)

2500 ₺

Dahil olanlar:
Bedri Rahmi toplantı salonu 105m²
Sinema düzeni 60-70 kişilik
U düzeni şekilde oturma şekli 40-45 kişilik
Projektör makinası
Ücretsiz wifi
Fuaye kullanımı
Kişi başı 1 şişe su

Dahil Olmayanlar:
Gün içerisinde alınabilecek coffeebreak
Öğle yemeği

IST Airport - Hotel

45 €

Hotel - IST Airport

45 €

Hotel - Sabiha Gokcen Airport

50 €

Sabiha Gökçen (SAW ) - HOTEL

55 €


(Feta cheese, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, black olive, green olive, tomatoes, cumcumber, smoked, turkey ham, jam, honey, butter, cream chocolate, boiled egg, bread, tea, nescafe, orange juice, water.)

5 €

Spaghetti Bolognese & Soft Drink Menu

(Bolognaise Sauce and Parmesan Cheese)

6 €

Chicken Wrap & French Fires & Soft Drink Menu

(Chicken tenderion, colored pepper, caramelized onion, mozzarella cheese, garden greenery, french fries.)

7 €

Salad With Tuna Fish & Soft Drink Menu

(Tuna, corn, olives, red onions, seasonal greens and sauce.)

7 €

Club Sandwich & Frenc Fires & Soft Drink Menu

(Toast bread, lettuce, chicken breast, mayonnaise, beef ham, pickles, tomatoes.)

7 €

Beef Burger & French Fires & Soft Drink

9 €

Grilled Meatballs & Patates & Soft Drink Menu

(Meatball, cips and cola...)

9 €

Seasonal vegatable, baby potatoes with fresh herbs


1 €


1 €


1 €


1 €


(250 gr)

4 €


(180 gr)

5 €


5 €


(180 gr)

8 €


(360 gr)

9 €

360 gr

Sapanca- Maşukiye Tour

60 €

Full Day Island Tour

60 €

Dinner Cruise and Arabian Night

100 €

Dinner Cruise (Soft)

120 €

Dinner Cruise (Alcoholic)

(Alcoholic 80 Euro / Non-alcoholic 60 Euro)

160 €

Old City Full Day Tour

180 €

Duration: 4 Hours

Skip The Line: 
Live Guide: English
Pick-up Services: Pick up is available from centrally located hotels.


  • Take a guided walk through Istanbul's beautiful Old City and see some of the city's best sights.
  • Experience centuries of religion and fascinating history at the magnificent Hagia Sophia.
  • Admire the beautiful architecture and interior of the Blue Mosque.
  • Walk along the historic Hippodrome and its impressive monuments, including the German Fountain.
  • Shop up a storm at the Grand Bazaar.

Full Description

This is the essential Istanbul tour for everyone who wants to see the top attractions in the Old City (Sultanahmet area) one go! It will be a fun half-day of exploring, learning and picture-taking! 

You'll be picked up from your hotel and then head to the Roman Hippodrome where chariot races were once held by the Romans and Byzantines. Next, see the spiritual side of Istanbul at the Blue Mosque, which is the only mosque with six minarets and one of the most beautiful Ottoman mosques in the country. Continue on to see the German fountain which was a gift from Kaiser Wilhelm II. Your guide will give you all the interesting information about Kaiser's relationship with the Orient. Then we come to the highlight of the tour, the Hagia Sophia Museum. You'll be blown away by its 1,500 years of history and amazing architecture. It was built as a church, converted to a mosque and is now a museum for the world to explore and enjoy.

The final stop will be the Grand Bazaar. You can't leave Istanbul without visiting one of the world's oldest and largest covered bazaars! You'll find a huge collection of traditional and modern products, delicious food, coffees and teas, souvenirs and much more. We'll take you to see a Turkish Handicraft demonstration and then you're free to browse at your leisure!

Trousers (Men & Women) Washing and Ironing

2 €

Shirt (Man & Women) Washing & İroning

2 €

Baby Diapers

1 €

Pool Hair Restraint

2 €

Children Pool Goggles

6 €

Children Arm Floats

6 €

Children Lifesaver

10 €

Pool Goggles

12 €

Men´s Shorts

14 €

Women´s Bikini

14 €

Women´s Swimsuit

16 €